In the Middle Ages, Icons in churches were used to teach people, since most did not read. Icons are filled with symbolism. Nothing is placed in an icon that does not mean something. The sun symbolizes God the Father,  blues are usually for Mary, the Mother of God. Reds are used for passion, etc.... Each flower, plant, or animal symbolizes something different. For example the lily symbolizes the death of Christ. Triangles symbolize the Trinity and a dove or bird symbolizes the Holy Spirit.

I design and create each icon in a more modern tradition. I use real gold and silver leaf and may add jewels or crystals to embellish halos and clothing. I also add text in subtle ways to make the message, or story, of the icon more impactful. For instance, you will find what Michael the Archangel's historical attributes are written in his halo and then gold leafed. "Strength" and "protector" are examples.

You may commission an icon or purchase an original or prints. Holy cards and notecards can also be made from any of the icons in my portfolio.

To see some of my original Icon designs, please check out "Icons" in my Portfolio.